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Have you seen the great things Dublin has to offer and ready to venture outside of the city? Join us for an exciting day tour to Belfast! Only two hours away, Belfast is Ireland's second largest city and is rich in history. The Belfast day tour takes you through the northern countryside, visiting one of Ireland's 7 Wonders, "The Belfast Peace Wall" and makes stops at significant historical landmarks and beautiful view points along the way.

During the scenic countryside drive to Belfast, our guides will share with you their knowledge about Northern Ireland. Don't be shy! Our guides love chatting and filling your day with fun stories, so ask away if you have any questions! We will make a short coffee break along the drive and arrive at Belfast City, our first destination of the day. Our tour takes you throughout the city, informing you of the political and historical significance of Belfast. After visiting the key spots of the city and the Republican Museum, you will have the opportunity to explore the city on your own and grab some lunch.

For all you history buffs (or romantic movie lovers!) we head over to the birth place of the Titanic at the Belfast dockyards. Continuing on our northern adventure, we visit Downpatrick and the grave of St. Patrick. Here you will see the amazing cathedral and the exhibition center that pays tribute to Ireland's Patron Saint. From there, we continue to the Norman castle at Dundrum and take a stop to view the beautiful Mourne mountains along the way. Make sure you ask your guide to show you the famous "Gravity Hill"! Before we hit the road back to Dublin, our last stop is at Ross' monument which is dedicated to the man who burned down the White House, Major General Robert Ross.

We end our journey to Belfast by relaxing and listening to some traditional music on the bus ride home. A perfect way to finish the day!

Tour Itinerary

The Belfast day tour departs from the Suffolk street outside the old stone church.  Your 
guide will give a short introduction of the tour before we head on our way!  The tour brings us along the northern suburbs of town and 
your guide will fill you in on the sites we pass as well as give you a brief overview of the politics in the North.

Welcome to Belfast City!  Our drive begins in West Belfast which is the home to the 'Loyalists' (those loyal to the Queen) and on the
opposite side, the 'Republicans' (those who want to unite with Ireland).  'The Peace Wall' divides the sides and it is seen as a 
peace line between the two opposing sides.  Here you will be told about how the troubles started and what the relationships are 
like today.  The murals on wall depict the personal stories from the viewpoint of each side.  We visit the 
Republican Museum that contains a large collection of artifacts and has a library for research and audiovisual aids.  We are the 
only tour from Dublin that has access to these facilities which makes this an amazing experience!  
(Please note that the museum is closed on Sunday and Monday each week.)

Now is your time to explore Belfast on your own and get some lunch.  
A few suggestions while you walk around:
- At the Crown Liquor Saloon, with it's ornate Victorian exterior and wooden partitions, you can show your political preference by 
walking over the the crown or around it at the entrance.
- If cultural education is your goal, take a look at the Grand Opera house or St. Anne's Cathedral (also known as Belfast Cathedral).
At St. Anne's, find out more about the cathedral's "Black Santa" or listen to the largest pipe organ in Northern Ireland play.  
- Check out the Albert Memorial Clock which was constructed between 1865 and 1869 for £2,500.  Since the clock tower was not built
on solid ground, the tower leans four feet off the perpendicular.  
- The Linen Hall Library will guarantee you a great history lesson.  As Belfast's oldest library, it is renowned for its vast Irish 
and Local Studies Collection and contains 250,000 items in the Northern Ireland Political Collection.
- City Hall on Donegal square is a large dome that looks similar to the White House.  In fact, Bill Clinton addressed the people of 
Northern Ireland here in 1995.

We will receive an introduction to East Belfast and see the Harland & Wolff shipyard, the birth place of the Titanic.  
Then we will head south to Downpatrick which is the resting place of Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland.

We arrive to Downpatrick and hear the history of Saint Patrick at the St. Patrick exhibition center.  We will tour the exhibition and 
see a short movie about St. Patrick's life.  Afterwards, we will take a quick walk to St. Patrick's Cathedral and see the last 
resting place of the man who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland.

Our next stop brings us to the seaside village of Dundrum.  We will visit the Norman castle which sits on the high ground and was built
in the 12th century by John De Courcy.  Inside the fortified wall, there is an amazing circular defense tower that was used as the 
castle's stronghold.  While the castle is a ruin today, you can climb to the top of the fort walls to see an incredible view of 
the land.

After leaving Dundrum, we head to the Mourne Mountains which is the largest mountain range in Northern Ireland.  We will stop to 
admire the stunning view and look up at the highest peak of the mountain range called Slieve Donard.  Before heading out, make sure
to ask your driver to show you the "gravity hill" where it will appear as if the bus is rolling up the hill by itself!

We depart the Mourne Mountains and its beauty and make our way back to Dublin.  We will relax while listening to traditional 
music on the bus ride home and reminisce about the day's events.  We will return to Dublin around 7:30pm.

Additional information

Please note that the Republican Museum is closed every Sunday and Monday.

Essential Tour Information

Departing Country: Ireland

Departing City: Dublin

Departing From: Departs from Suffolk Street, outside the old stone church daily at 8 am

Languages: English

Duration: 11 hrs

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