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Tour Overview

Are you ready for a truly stunning adventure into Ireland's west coast? On the Connemara day tour, we will explore the national park that is sure to leave you stunned by its beauty. Interesting fact - the National Park has no official boundaries in order to notify you when you arrived!

Our guides will educate you on the different flora and fauna found at the park as well as the history and mythology of the area. They are bound to entertain you with their knowledgeable and entertaining stories and it doesn't hurt that they have the most charming accents!

Our first stop on the Connemara tour will make a stop at Maam Cross which is the intersection of roads that bring you to the four corners of Connemara. The area is classified as a "Gaeltacht" region so try to learn a few Gaelic words and phrases from the local residents!

Back on the bus, we will have the unique opportunity of see the Atlantic Ocean on one side of us and the Twelve Bens and Maumturk mountain ranges on the other. This will leave your head turning in circles since each view is one you do not want to miss! The Connemara tour will visit the Inagh Valley which was once home to a prestigious female boarding school and now hosts nun retreats. The estate, tucked in the base of the Druchruach Mountains and looking out at the northern shore of Lough Pollacallap, is said to be one of the most romantic spots in Ireland.

In the high season (April - October) for the Connemara tour, we will head towards "Killary Fjord" and take a 1.5 hour boat cruise down Kilary harbour and eat lunch on the boat. During the low season (November - March), we will head over to Killary Sheep Farm. This farm hosts about 200 lambs and ewes and you will see a local farmer performing a talented sheepdog demonstration.

Our last stop brings us to Galway where you will have an hour to explore this historical city on your own.

Tour Itinerary


Our Connemara tour starts bright and early! We depart from the Suffolk Street tourist office which is located outside the old stone church.


We will take a short break outside the town of Athlone to grab a snack, use the restrooms and stretch our legs. Back on the bus, we will take a beautiful route towards Oughterard that brings us into the "gateway" of the Connemara national park. Have your cameras out because we will be passing many incredible views and charming towns along the way! The Connemara national park is peculiar because it does not have any official boundaries to let you know when you've arrived at one of Ireland's largest attractions! The biggest giveaway to let you know you've arrived are the breathtaking surroundings all around you. After soaking in the gorgeous panoramic views, we will visit the well known bridge that was used in the movie "Quiet Man" that starred John Wayne.


The second stop of our Connemara tour brings us to Maam Cross where we will see the meeting point of several roads that lead to the four corners of Connemara and stop for pictures and to breathe in the beautiful air! The area is classified as a "Gaeltacht" region where first language of the local residents is Irish. While the whole of Connemara is not considered a Gaelic region, you are sure to pick up a few key phrases during your visit! Many people have said that listening to Irish being spoken is like music to their ears! Get ready for a scenic bus drive where you will have the Maumturk Mountains on one side while you have the Twelve Bens and Maumturk mountain ranges on the other! This scenic route will lead us to the village of Recess where we will take a short break to learn about the region. You will learn about Alcock and Brown famously landing in a bog after their n (and record breaking!) flight from North America to Europe.


Get your cameras ready and cell phones put away during this section of our Connemara tour! Our trip through the Inagh Valley is beautiful but is famous for losing cell service! Inagh Valley, better known as "Kylemore Valley" was once home to a prestigious female boarding school. It has since turned into a host for nun retreats as well as welcoming tourists from around the world! The estate is tucked away in the base of the Druchruach Mountains which looks out to the northern shore of Lough Pollacappal. It is regarded as one of the most romantic spots in Ireland! The abbey is full of history so make sure to check it all out!


We are off towards "Killary Fjord" which is the only fjord in all the land! You'll see thriving mussel beds along the fjord while you look out towards Mweelrea, the highest mountain range on the west coast of Ireland. Please note that during the high season (April-October) the Connemara tour includes a 90 minute boat cruise down the Killary harbour. We will have lunch on the boat as we travel down the harbour! During the low season (November - March) we will instead make out way to Killary Sheep Farm. This farm hosts approximately 200 ewes and lambs that roam freely across the fjord. A local farmer from Connemara, Tom Nee, will explain how he herds mainly blackhead-horn sheep since this particular breed is more suited to survive living in the mountains under very harsh conditions. At Killary Sheep Farm, you will have the opportunity to watch a local farmer perform a talented sheepdog demonstration as well as showing you the 'nack' of turf cutting.


Our next stop on the Connemara tour is at the village of Leenane where the movie "The Field" was filmed! In the movie, the story of Bull McCabe truly shows the significance that land played in every Irish family's life. After our tour of Leenane, we will hop back on the bus and get a panoramic view of Sheefry Hills as we travel towards Galway.


We will arrive to Galway for our final stop on the Connemara tour. You will have an hour of free time to explore the lively city on your own! Some of the popular attractions include the Galway Cathedral, Claddagh Ring Museum, the main shopping district and the harbour where you will get a spectacular view of the Spanish Arch! Did you know Galway was the last place the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, visited before sailing off to the West Indies?


We will arrive back in Dublin after a fun filled day of sightseeing on the Connemara tour!

Additional Tour Information

The boat cruise on the Killary Harbour only runs from April to October. From November to March, we will take a tour to Killary Sheep Farm to talk to a local farmer and see a impressive sheepdog herding demonstration.

Essential Tour Information

Departing Country: Ireland

Departing City: Dublin

Departing From: Departs Suffolk Street, outside the old stone church at 6:30 am daily

Languages: English

Duration: All Day

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