Belfast Christmas Market

The wind was very strong during our Giant’s Causeway tour yesterday which shortened our time at some stops but increased our time in Belfast.  We had two hours to explore the city and lucky for us, the Christmas Markets were open!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the number of festive markets that pop up around town that are full of incredible crafts and delicious foods.  I was on the tour with my two sisters and we spent about an hour wandering through the stalls and picking out the items we wanted to buy.  (We waited to get money out in Sterling until we knew there was something we wanted to buy!)

My little sister bought three beautiful scarves (3 for £10 – a great deal!) and I convinced her to get one with elephants on it.  (I might try to steal it from her.)  My older sister and I fell in love with this stall that sold beautiful soap.  The colors were magnificent and they smelled just as good.  She bought five bars and let me pick out one for myself.  I had the hardest time deciding but the man selling the soap said the exfoliating mint was his favorite so I went with that.  (I almost bought a cinnamon one but my sister said I wouldn’t want to smell like cinnamon all day – I still think she is wrong.)
There were tons of food stalls set up, selling desserts, meat, sandwiches and much more.  Everything smelled delicious!  There were also at least two beer tents up that I believed also sold mulled wine.  I’ve never had mulled wine before but everyone said it is something I should definitely try.  One thing is for sure, you will not leave hungry if you visit this market!
There was holiday music playing throughout the market and visiting the Belfast Christmas Market was the perfect way to end our day!

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