Cliffs Of Moher Day Tour

Cliffs Of Moher Day Tour With Irish Day Tours

We had no rain all day during the Cliffs of Moher day tour – lucky us!  I arrived to the old stone church around 6:30 for our 6:50 departure.  The bus and our tour guide, Kevin, were already there and he was checking people in.  (I had Kevin for my Connemara tour – he’s great!) It was a large bus and almost every seat was taken.  There was a lot more morning chatter on this tour than my previous tours.  I’m not sure how people had so much energy that early in the morning!

We drove for about an hour and stopped at a convenience store for some drinks, snacks and to use the bathroom.  Back on the bus, we headed towards the town of Limerick where we took a quick stop for pictures at the Treaty Stone.  We continued on to the main attraction of the day, the Cliffs of Moher.
I was so thankful it wasn’t raining during this stop but we did encounter some very strong winds.  There were tall and thin rock slabs boarding the edges of the cliffs that you could easily see over to take pictures, etc.  It was a stunning sight!  Since the wind was so strong that day, it was blowing the water up the cliffs and you got a little wet walking through those sections!
I walked up and down the path and then headed to a walking trail
along the cliffs.  This trail connected a couple different towns (I believe you could walk to Doolin along it?) and I was planning on walking about 20 minutes out and then turning back around.  But the weather had other plans and I only got half way on my route and hit winds stronger than I’ve ever experienced in my life.  (Much stronger than they were near the cliffs when I first arrived.)  I had to focus all my energy on placing one foot after the other and I was being pushed left and right as I walked.  I ended up sitting down on a rock and waiting for people to pass me so I could turn back around and head towards the safe visitor center!  The visitor center has a wonderful cafe and gift shop inside that I would recommend checking out if you had time.
We headed to a small pub in Doolin for lunch and the service was great.  I had packed my lunch but bought a delicious hot chocolate from the bar.  Most of the shops in Doolin were already closed for the winter.  I’ve heard wonderful things about Doolin and would love to visit it during the summer!  We had about an hour to eat and then we were back on the bus for a lot of scenic stops during our route back to Dublin.
We stopped at the Burren for about 30 minutes to walk around and take pictures.  You are able to climb up a hill to get a wonderful view of the water and the rocks below.  I did that first and then climbed back down and headed closer to the edges of the cliff.  Kevin was out taking pictures of everyone so I didn’t have to resort to those terrible ‘selfies’.  He explained that this was how the Cliffs of Moher use to look before they put up the rock walls for safety.

Our last stop was to the Corcomroe Abbey and I walked in a circle around the abbey and saw the grave stones that filled the grounds.  Some of my favorite photographs from the tour were pictures from the land surrounding the abbey – beautiful trees, green fields and the sun was just starting to go down!

We had about a two hour drive back to Dublin and stopped mid-way for a quick restroom break.  It was the perfect day for the Cliffs of Moher tour and I was so happy I didn’t need to use my rain jacket or umbrella!
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