Connemara Day Tour

Connemara Day Tour With Extreme Ireland

To begin my Connemara day tour, I took a taxi to the Old Stone Church on Suffolk Street and arrived a few minutes early.  Our tour guide Kevin arrived on time and welcomed us all onto the coach.  The first 90 minutes of our journey were pretty quiet, most people fell asleep since it was dark and rainy out. We stopped outside the city of Athlone for snacks and to stretch our legs.  (I got a croissant and it was delicious!)
We stopped for a 20 minutes to take pictures at Maam Cross.  I took about twenty pictures because we were surrounded in every direction by beautiful lakes and mountains!
We arrived to Kylemore Abbey and this site is truly remarkable.  Kevin told us the story of Mitchell Henry who came to Connemara with his wife for their honeymoon.  They loved the region so much that they eventually bought a large amount of land here.  One of his many projects and improvements to the land was the building of Kylemore Abbey which took over four years to finish.  It was one of the prettiest sights I have seen during my time in Europe.  I’d love to go back another time and explore the Abbey in its entirety.
Back on the bus, we headed to Killary Fjord for a 90 minute boat ride down the harbour!  There were plenty of seats inside and on the decks of the boat so everyone could take in the gorgeous scenery around us.  During the first half of our ride, we were told the history of the region and of Killary Fjord.  I took a ton of pictures but stood about 5 feet back from the rail since I could see myself accidentally dropping my phone into the water!  There was a small cafe inside the boat that served drinks and sandwiches for lunch. On the way back, I found a perfect sun spot on the deck and closed my eyes for a minute.  Then a nice man from Norway made fun of me so I got up to take more pictures!
We made a quick stop at “The Quiet Man” bridge as we headed to Galway.  I wasn’t aware what movie the bridge was referring to at the time (“The Quiet Man” starring John Wayne) but it was still a beautiful spot to see.
Our good luck with weather ran out as we approached Galway.  We had an hour to explore the city on our own and Kevin gave us maps as we left the bus.  I walked through the main streets of Galway and ducked into the shopping center to get out of the rain for a minute.  It seems like a great town and I hope to visit it again when the weather is nicer!
We arrived back to Dublin around 7:30pm after a great day on the Connemara day tour!
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