I had seen signs for Dublinia during my walks home but never made it further than saying, “Hmm…I wonder what that is about.”  I decided to check it out the other day and was very happy I did!

I went on an hour guided tour of the museum with two of my co-workers.  We started in the Viking Dublin Exhibition and learned about where the Vikings were from, their ships and their long and challenging voyages.  I was surprised to hear that the Vikings did not actually have horns on their helmets even though that’s how they are depicted in many pictures today.  We saw what a typical Viking house would look like and how it would smell poorly due to the smoke and animals.  I was also impressed to hear that Viking women were able to get a divorce from their husbands.  The relationships seemed more equal back then than I would have believed.  The two main rules were that Viking men were not able to hurt their wives or be lazy.
In the Medieval Dublin Exhibition, we learned how the city looked during medieval Dublin and how it was very dangerous if you went outside of the city walls.  We were shown the different remedies that were used for health issues such as a toothache, earache, chicken pox, etc.  They would put a clove of garlic into a person’s ear to help cure an earache – I wonder if it actually worked!
On the final floor, we had a quick tour of the History Hunters Exhibition.  Here we saw two medieval skeletons that were found in Dublin.  One of the skeletons is on loan from the National Museum of Ireland.  I did not spend too long examining the skeletons because I find them quite eerie!
I wasn’t able to spend more time in the museum after the tour was over but it would be easy to spend between 2-3 hours exploring the three exhibitions.  I found the guided tour very rewarding and would recommend it to anyone visiting Dublinia!

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