Gravedigger Ghost Tour Dublin

Gravedigger Ghost Tour Dublin

I have seen the Gravedigger Ghost Bus Dublin during my evening walks in Dublin and was curious about what went on inside.  Luckily, I had the chance to go last night and the tour did not disappoint.  It was an amazing combination of scares, humor and history! 
I went with two of my roommates and I must have had “I scare easily” written on my forehead because someone jumped out at me as soon as I entered the bus.  I screamed loudly and then scrambled up the stairs to find my seat!  There were only eleven of us on the tour which ended up being a perfect size.  Our guide was able to talk to all of us and it made the tour very personal.  He remembered all our names by the end of it!
The main topic of the tour was the black plague that nearly destroyed the Dublin in 1348.   Our guide sat at the front of the tour bus and was an incredible actor.  We switched between laughing, screaming and silently listening to some very dark stories during the tour.  (It was a whole mix of emotions!) 

Our first stop was to St. Audeon’s and I shook my head ‘no’ when we first approached the gate because it looked very dark and scary.  We gathered in a circle around our guide who told us the story of a time when the women in Dublin were terrorized.  They were badly hurt or killed when walking home at night and everyone gave the same description of their attacker – a huge, black pig!  I could not stop looking around, up and down the stairs, to see if someone was coming out to scare us.  I put my back against the stone wall just to block one direction of ‘attack’!  As we walked out, a man in a pig mask came running through our group and I screamed loudly again! 

Our second stop was at Kilmainham Jail.  We were told of the men that were killed inside the jail and how they were killed.  As our second guide told a story about the jail, he scared my roommate so bad that she jumped up in the air and let out a huge scream!  (I could not stop laughing which caused me to miss the second party of the story!)  When the guide asked for a volunteer, I pushed her forward which inevitably caused me to be the volunteer.  Oops!  He demonstrated on me how I would be hung from the rafters and how they would cut my body and pull out my organs.  It was pretty gross! 
We headed to our last stop and were told the sad history of what would happen if a family tried to hide one of its family members that was inflicted with the plague.  If found, the government would board up the entire home with the family trapped inside.  One by one, the family members would come down with the plague and slowly die together inside their home.  80 days later, the Government would come and open up the house and remove the bodies.
Our last stop was to the Gravedigger’s Pub near the Glasnevin Cemetery.  We were told the two ways gravediggers took bodies out from the grave.  One was to tie rope around the body and pull them out.  The second (and more disgusting!) option was to take a hook and put it under corpse’s jaw and through the mouth to drag them out.  Unfortunately, sometimes their jaw wasn’t strong enough and it would come right off!  (I am cringing as I type this.)  Afterwards, we were rewarded with a yummy drink that tasted like orange juice and then made our way into the pub for about 15 minutes.  Apparently, this pub is known to have the best Guinness in Dublin so of course I had to get one! 
We returned to Trinity College a little after 10:00pm after a fantastic time on the Gravedigger Ghost Tour.  It was an extremely entertaining night and I would recommend this tour to anyone looking for a unique experience when visiting Dublin! 
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