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Hi everyone,
My boyfriend and I live in France and we decided to come to Ireland for 3 months to discover a new country and a different culture. We had been in Dublin for a month before going on our first bus tour. We decided we wanted to visit the country as soon as we arrived but as we were both working and had different schedules, it wasn’t as easy as we expected. When we finally got the chance to book a tour through Tourist Office Dublin, it was extremely hard to decide which would be our first trip ! After hesitating for ages we decided to chose The Cliffs of Moher Tour, we figured that we would just HAVE to do them all anyway and we had to start somewhere ! The Tourist Office told me that the tour to the cliffs was their most popular one and even back in France I had heard of the Cliffs and seen photos, I wanted to explore them for myself !


We met just next to the Old Stone Church on Suffolk Street around 6:40 and everyone got in the bus. We waited for the last few people and were away for our adventure ! After about 20 minutes, we could already see Ireland’s famous countryside. I had already been in Dublin for around a month but hadn’t got out of the city yet so it was exciting for me to get finally see something over than the famous capital. It’s funny because you can really feel the difference between the the countryside next to Dublin and the countryside further west. And, no wonder green is the colour of Ireland. You definitely won’t get bored of all the green grass and fields and trees you’ll see on this trip !



Our first stop was at the King John’s Castle in  Limerick. It was only a short one, but was long enough to stretch our legs, take a few photos and to learn about this 13th century Castle in Limerick just next to the River Shannon built on the orders of King John in the 1200’s. 
Our second and final stop before reaching the cliffs was at a small and quirky garage with a large shop downstairs and a restaurant as well as restrooms upstairs. In the cafe/restaurant area we were already a little bit hungry and ordered a bagel to share ! Don’t miss this cafe, the food was gorgeous and after all, getting up at 5 o’clock is hungry work ! We then headed off for our last round of sitting in the bus before arriving ! Eeek, the excitement was getting too much for me ! I just wanted to be there already !


We arrived at the Cliffs around 11:45, at the bottom, you can’t see much so we quickly hurried up as fast as we could. Around two minutes after getting out of the bus, the difficult questions started to pop up : Right or Left ? We decided to start with the right side as it seemed a little more interesting. The top arrived quicker than I expected and the view was just breathtaking ! I’ll let you guys have a look for yourselves, check out these photos !



We decided it was so nice, we didn’t want to move. We could have carried on going right but decided to stop and eat the rest of the bagel’s we bought in the cafe as well as a couple of snacks we bought for the ride ! It was so peaceful and just breathtaking. You really have to visit the Cliffs to understand the feeling you get when you look at them. The height is scary but at the same time beautiful. After having a little break looking at the amazing view, we decided to go left of the pathway and boy was I wrong. The view for the left side was just as amazing. Here are some other photos.



Unfortunately, the photographs don’t capture the astonishing sight, but they give you an idea. After visiting the Cliffs, we made our way round to the unique shops to the right of the cliffs. We bought some postcards to send to our friends and family and made our way back to the bus.


Just after leaving the Cliffs, we stopped at a local pub in Doolin. As we had already eaten, we both bought a pint of Guinness (I’m going to make myself like the taste before I leave, that is my mission) and chilled, it was really relaxing. If you’re looking for some souvenirs while you’re in Ireland, there’s a little jewellery shop just next to the pub that sells traditional Claddagh rings amongst other jewellery. It’s really cute and the prices are very reasonable.


After the Pub, we were on our way back to Dublin, but this time we didn’t go through Limerick. We went up to Galway and through the mini cliffs. Unfortunately, by then the rain had started to fall and not just a little ! We just had enough time to get out, take a few pictures and hop back on the bus before getting really drenched.


The next stop was Corcomroe Abbey. It’s a 13th century Monastery and is very detailed. It’s really pretty but also quite sad to see all the gravestones. We done one last stop in the little village of Kinvara to use the restrooms before finally, getting in the bus one last time on the way back to Dublin.

The tour was such a great experience and definitely something to remember forever ! What a great day ! If you’re looking for a great day out with friends and family or even to explore new places on your own, these tours are definitely worth it !

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