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While a great deal of Dublin's ghastly past has been abandoned to history, not every character from Dublin's past has crossed over to the next world yet!

On the Haunted History Ghost Tour, hear tales from the Emerald Isle - the origin of the most famous haunted tales and characters in the land. These stories were passed on from generation to generation, told around fires in the dark of the night. From the Celts to the Protestants, each time period has left a distinctive mark on the dark history of Dublin. The diversity of the stories makes Dublin's legends incredibly unique and captivating.

We will take you through the cobblestoned streets and recount stories from the depths of Dublin's history. Hear about The Green Lady of St. Audoen's, the burning of madam Darkey "The Witch" Kelly in the 18th century and how "Hell" became the name of a section of Dublin. Along our Haunted History Ghost Tour, listen to the stories of when The Dolocher stalked our streets and hear tales describing the origins of the mysterious 18th century Hellfire Club. When we reach the Gates of Hell - beware! We have a key!

This one of a kind Haunted History Ghost Tour covers the more grim and ghastly points of Dublin's history and shares the tales of the magical creatures that have terrified the Dublin residents for centuries.

Hidden Dublin Walks is fortunate to be the only haunted tour in Dublin that is associated with the Paranormal Study and Investigation Ireland (PSI Ireland).

"We are very pleased to be working with Hidden Dublin Walks, they take a serious and respectful approach to paranormal Dublin providing insight and balance in this historically accurate tour which gives visitors as real an experience as possible." - Darren Ansell (Chairman) of PSI Ireland

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Departing Country: Ireland

Departing City: Dublin

Departing From: The Small Square(Next To City hall On Dame Street)

Languages: English

Duration: 2 Hours

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