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Irelands Only Traditional Storytelling Bus

Come and join us on Irelands only custom designed storytelling bus for  Traditional Myths, Legends and fun.

The tour includes A FREE DRINK on us onboard.

Tour Overview

We are travelling back through Ireland's past on this magical Irish storytelling journey! The tales you will hear describe significant battles, dangerous quests, magic spells and true love in Ireland's history!

Keep your eyes open because we will visit the spot where it is said Irish Mermen frequently appear! Hear stories of Vikings being outsmarted by three Leprechauns and travel to the site ofIreland's most significant battle to find out how one of Ireland's greatest kings was killed.

So come join us for an adventure to an Ireland of times gone by! Through storytelling, poetry and song, the Irish Storytelling tour is a journey you will not forget!

Tour Itinerary

Depart at 1:45pm

Our Irish Storytelling tour will depart from the College Green Tourist Office and we begin our magical journey! You will hear stories of a time when Pookas, fairies and giants roamed this vast land. Listen how three Leprechauns were able to outsmart the Vikings and hear tales of epic battles, magic spells, dangerous adventures and true love!

The tales will describe the Tuatha De Danaan and how they were forced to move under ground, later becoming known as Ireland's "Sidhe", "Little People" and "faeries". Because of their magical powers, the Tuatha could still visit the land above by wearing magical cloaks that made them invisible. Over the years, the Tuatha De Danaan have come to the land in many forms - most famous of all, as a leprechaun! The personality of a leprechaun is perfectly shown by a tale from our storytellers from a time when the city was on the brink of being founded!

Arrive at the peninsula of Beann Eadair

Our first stop on the Irish Storytelling tour brings us to the peninsula of Beann Eadair. To the east, you will see a small lighthouse called Howth Head. Over the years, there have been many Irish merman sightings here! Unfortunately, these mermen are not beautiful like their female counterparts. They are actually quite ugly looking! They have a torso of a man, a tail made of fish, small fins as arms and a snout of a pig with tiny ears. They wear small red caps on top of their heads and enjoy drinking! Learn about the spell of Becúma and the land of Morgan the Giant while enjoying a complimentary drink back on the bus.

St Annes Park - Brian Boru, The Irish King

Next on the Irish Storytelling tour, we will arrive to Contarf which is the site of one of Ireland's greatest (and arguably the most important) battle. The battle of Contarf signified the end of Viking rule in Ireland but it was also the battle where Brian Boru, one of Ireland's most famous kings, was killed.

The area is known for their beautiful flora and fauna and it provides a perfect hideaway for the mythical creatures in the land! But be careful where you walk - they do not take kindly to being stepped on!

Fionn MacCumahail

You can't forget about Fionn MacCumahail! He was the leader of the Fianna - a band of warriors who served the High Kings of Ireland. They were famous for their expertise on the battlefield as well as their good deeds off of it. They lived by their motto, “Gláine ár croi, Neart ár ngéag, Beart de réir ár mbriathar” or in English “Purity of our hearts, Strength of our limbs, Action to match our speech”. On the Irish Storytelling tour, you will also be told of the infamous trick played on the giant Benandonner and how he ran away from the land forever in fear of an oversized baby!

Finish at The Church Bar on Mary Street approx. 3:45pm

Our Irish Storytelling tour finishes at The Church Bar on Mary Street. This is the site where Arthur Guinness was married and where the famous composer Handel practiced his well known 'Nessiah' before its first performance on Fishamble street. Before we bring you inside, we have a final traditional song we would like to sing for you!

Additional Information

Come and join us on Irelands only custom designed storytelling bus for an evening or Traditional Myths, Legends and fun.

The tour includes A FREE DRINK on us onboard.

Essential Tour Information

Product Model: Traditional Irish Storytelling

Departing Country: Ireland

Departing City: Dublin

Departing From: Outside Extreme Ireland College Green Tourist office opposite Trinity College

Languages: English

Duration: 2 Hours

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